1. Layershift

    Layershift are a Manchester based managed hosting provider, giving you a safe and reliable home for all of your web projects. Layershift take care of the server stuff for you, so you can focus 100% of your energy on the exciting bit (your code, your business, your customers).

    Layershift’s revolutionary Jelastic PaaS provides each developer with their own exclusive server stack catering for Java or PHP projects. Combine these with powerful 1-click load balancing, horizontal scaling, and a unique automatic vertical scaling feature, and you have an incredibly versatile platform ready to power your next project.

    Layershift are providing exclusive free application hosting for all Hack Manchester competitors during the competition, with bonus prizes on offer for the best application developed and hosted on their platform. It’s important to use tools that you’re familiar with during a hackathon, so you can experiment with the platform right now.

    Learn more at http://www.layershift.com/hackmanchester